Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday Steal

Alright.  There's not a whole lot I can do about what the yard sale deal of the week is.  Today, it is, again, clothes.  I swear that, in the past, I have picked up much more interesting items like a Mohawk canoe for $125, but lately, it's all clothes, all the time.  Our friend R will not need to purchase any fall/winter clothes this year.  Apparently, every parent whose child had recently grown out of size 10's had a yard sale today.  I picked up Old Navy sweaters, Gymboree pants, and Gap dresses with the tags on.  Sweet A did, however, get a cute winter dress by La Princess $1 (which she wore all afternoon!).

She also got this gorgeous jacket by penelope mack, ltd $1.

But, the find of the week is this cute little jacket by coco bon bons $1.
This is yet another (as my good friend Kelly would say) chi-chi-lala children's brand that is, admittedly, so adorable.  The seller informed me that this jacket goes for over $100 new.  I just checked online, and that seems to be about right, unless it's on eBay.  This will be going out to baby S  whose momma is all about The Fashion. 

In the spirit of equality, I also picked up a genuinekids striped sweater and a Melissa & Doug spelling puzzle for C.  At 2.5, his letter recognition is amazing already.   He thinks it's more fun to call "s" "sssss," and really, so do I!

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