Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Royally Recycled

For the last few months, I've been obsessed with creating recycled flowers.  I use mainly recycled materials, and have found through trial and error that your standard bridesmaid's dress has the perfect fabric.  Natural fabrics do not melt - they burn - so I can't use a lighter to "seal" the edges of silk, linen, etc.  The polyester melts nicely, and, if I'm really careful, it doesn't even turn brown (on white fabric - I actually like the darkened edges of darker fabrics, especially reds).  I have used silk for more "knotted" flowers, and I like the effect.  This gives me something to focus on when I yard sale so I can more effectively pass up the way cool mosaic glass candle holders and occasional set of vintage wine glasses that I do not need and don't have room for.  : )

Here is a recent necklace that turned out well:

Necklace made from recycled materials. Recycled blue silk (scarves), recycled taupe poly-blend fabric necklace base (bridesmaid's dress), recycled faux cream pearls (old necklace), and new cream ribbon.

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