Sunday, April 24, 2011

Multitasking Sunday - Happy Spring!

Warning!  This post multitasks. 

Ok!  First, what a wonderful weekend.  Perfect NC weather.  80 degrees, clear skies, and a nice breeze.  We got to see family, eat some wonderful food (had Gloria's gumbo for lunch today - awe-some!), and stick our toes in the sand.  Ok, it was river sand, but I'll take it.
So cute!  And these spring outfits are brought to you courtesy of your friendly neighborhood yard sale.  A's outfit:  Laura Ashley dress ($10 - a splurge at "One Fish..." a traveling kids' consignment event), no name woven green hat ($1 with matching purse), SmartFit Leather Collection pink shoes ($1).  C's outfit:  genuinekids dinosaur print T ($0.50), Old Navy navy shorts ($0.50), OshKosh B'Gosh leather sandals ($1), blue bunny apron ($7.99 Target...yeah, yeah, I know...).  Total:  $22 or so.  You gotta love it.

The yard sale find of the week is clothes (again!).  Another cute outfit for R.
The Children's Place blue corduroy jacket ($1), Limited Too floral empire waist shirt ($0.50), Mossimo denim skirt ($0.50).  Total $2.  Mmm hmmm.  That's right.
Yard saling was a bit short Saturday because I went to sell my recycled flower jewelry at Spring Run.  Had a great time, and I sold the ivory necklace!  Didn't even get to wear it...dang. 

We got our first installment of our spring CSA, and I used the broccolini in some pasta with garlic herb sauce tonight.  So good!  We also got regular broccoli, cabbage, bok choy, about 20 irises - beautiful!, romaine, onions, and turnips via Brothers Farm out of La Grange.

Here's hoping y'all had a wonderful weekend.  I'm ready for Monday - papers to grade and finals in sight!


  1. will I be lucky enough to taste Gloria's gumbo if she can make it without pig or cow parts? :)

  2. Not a pig or cow in sight! Just teeny shrimp and lump crab. Yum! Savi safe.